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My mission is to educate and facilitate the integration of mind, body and spirit connection, to awaken the consciousness by healing the world from the outside in, one womb at a time. Join with NFY and learn how to “Begin to love your skin from the outside in!”

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"Hey Queen, thank you for checking on me.  I had a wonderful day, and I'm so grateful for our time this morning.  The pleasure was all ours, and likewise... your energy was incredible.  Thank you for standing in the gap and supporting me on this journey ❤️"

Berlin, Germany

The NFY Yoni Wash is simply AMAZING!!! I am throwing away 2 brand new bottles of the well known product that I have used since my teenage years.... but The Yoni wash has ingredients that I know are great for my body-- All Natural - healthy and non-toxic that cleans, keeps you fresh all day-night and promotes self-confidence in how you care for yourself! I am now going to use Yoni Fresh forever! Thanks Sharalene Wheeler!

Myra Sumbry
Texas, USA

Just received my facial box from NFYSOAPS.com i am so excited to share all the wonderful products inside with you 💅🏼🧖🏽‍♀️
I am already obsessed with the micellar water 😍

 — with Sharalene Wheeler.

Jessica Capó
Los Angeles, CA

Wow, very impressed by this product. I used to use Franks body scrub but it was a bit pricey so I decided to give this a try. I've only used this scrub 5 times and it has visibly reduced my cellulite. I can barely see the pockets of cellulite that used to drive me insane. With that, it's by far the roughest of the scrubs I've used so make sure you're gentle and DEFINITELY don't shave right before use.

camila hernandez
London, UK

I must say I have never written a product review in my life. This product must be special for it to compell me to do so. I’ve tried every product under the sun to help with evening out my skin tone. Well, I’ve been using this product for 1 week and already notice quite a difference! I’m thrilled. And the fact that it costs so little and actually works is quite amazing. I’ve wasted so much money on past products! Looking forward to my results after using for a longer period of time.

Perlis, Malaysia

I’ve been trying more and more of the luxury bar soaps and I have to say, I think this is the perfect product where quality meets price point! I can tell they are hand made. They all smell really good. They hold up well, and don’t melt away after just a few weeks on the soap dish. Each bar has its own unique ingredients and smells and it’s jusr great. I’m buying another one of these so I’ll never run out!

Texas, USA

Yesterday, I had the yoni steam clay wrap and reiki treatment, which was the most power experience I have had for my womb. Thank you Sharalene Wheeler for your patience, healing hands and intuitive divine wisdom in giving me the full package of healing that my body needed❤❤ To add to this...this process kept me in a postive divine light all day because after. I left this WONDERFUL experience', my car broke down and had to be towed but my mind space and energy w s s so elevated ....I did not allow this incident to change my experience...I got home safely and continued enjoying my high.. And also thank you for my lesson on the yoni egg...which stayed in the entire time. Lol...😀 I am grateful for my first experience, and this is real...so raise your yoni vibration and get the steam😀😀😀❤❤

Melissa Lewis
Toronto, Canda