Why Does Soap Lather?

When most people think of soap, they think of lather.  Have you ever  used soap and noticed the lather look or felt different?  That it must not be able to clean very well because it barely lathered up?  Skin needs to be clean. But clean does not mean that we need to strip it?  In commercial soaps, because they don’t use whole oils, they add various extremely harsh chemicals called foaming agents  to product lather, exactly which agent is in the soap you use depends on your brand of soap. If you are using a commercially produced soap, such as; Ivory, Oil of Olay, Dove, Lever, etc, you can best bet they add a harsh synthetic ingredient. You may want to grab a fresh bar of your current soap and GOOGLE some of the ingredients list, brace yourself you will be surprised!

The History of Soap

Did you know that soap and soap lather dates back before 2800 BC?  In my research on where soap came from I came across a story about how soap was accidentally discovered. There are many contradictions but the story goes…. women who lived in ancient Rome near Mount Sapo discovered soap when rain washed a combination of wood ashes and animal fat into the clay soil by the Tiber River where they were doing laundry At the river.  At the top of the mount was rumored to be a place where they performed animal sacrifice, so the fat from the animals mixed with the ash from the fires and  washerwomen discovered that this substance, that is now believed to be actual lather, that had flowed down the Hill helped to clean their clothes better than simple water and beating of the clothing ever did.

All Soaps Are Not Created Equal


Handmade soaps can seem to be less lathery than chemical soaps,  but they produce enough lather to clean or skin. They contain natural oils that  are really mild and leave your skin soft unlike the chemical soaps which dry up your skin. However, the amount of lather is not indicative of better cleaning, think about the lather produced by liquid dish soap as compared to the soap used in the dishwasher or washing machine. If you put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher, it will over suds and flow onto the floor. Yet they both clean effectively with proper use.  Since the first commercial for soap years ago, the industry has been telling us that lather is a good thing, and the more it lathers, the better it cleans. This is Not True at all. The industry uses “Foaming agents” to make their products lather, and many of those chemicals strips the skin of natural oils, and have absolutely no effect on how well the product actually cleans.

Natural From Nature Is Better

NFY’s soaps can be used from head to toe, and lather as good as or better than most commercial soaps because we use the perfect combination of excellent vegan/vegetarian oils and butters to create a wonderful yet mild lather that will leave your skin uniquely clean moisturized and hydrated.

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