You Are What You Put Into Your Body

The most sensible words that were ever spoken to me was “ if you wouldn’t eat it, you would put in on your body.  We really are what we eat, Junk in Junk out. This obscure phase is the entire basis on which I’ve created every one of my body products.  “nourish your skin from the outside in”


If You Can’t Eat Your Body Care Products, Should You Put Them On Your Skin?

Dermatologists recommend that you hydrate your skin.  Why shouldn’t we, it makes your skin feel good and look smooth.  The water company advise us to drink up to 11 cups of water a day.  Why shouldn’t we, our bodies are made up of 60-68% water.  But do you what’s lurking in that clear glass of h2o? Have you ever stopped to think about what you are really putting on your body?  Have you taken the time to read the laundry list of dangerous chemicals from formaldehyde to phthalates, and even embalming fluid, that’s right typically embalming fluid contains a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, and other solvents commonly used in the manufacturing of body care products.  In other words, some of the products we use everyday for the majority of our lives contains FDA approved preservative at  what the term is “acceptable levels”.  Is  there an acceptable level of formaldehyde,  as a parent, that you are willing to use on your child, or even yourself? Probably not.  Lets face it, embalming fluid is cheap, readily available and kills bacteria, that is what a preservative is suppose to do, right?


Water Your Body

We need to drink plenty of water or, you can't properly flush your kidneys or liver, the colon can't properly move your bowels, water helps remove unhealthy toxins we in. Water is required for digesting and expelling everything, including the other  beverages you choose to drink. So I think we will all agree that we really need water.  You also “water”
your body when you apply topical applications such as lotion, oils, moisturizers, conditioners, etc.  But what if I told you that even these everyday necessities could be loaded with harmful toxins and other nasty chemicals that might cause anything from respiratory issues to acne, allergies and cause your skin to appear dried out.  Using the wrong skin care products traps your skin in a vicious cycle.  We have all been conditioned to use moisturizer, but if it contains unnecessary additive, toxins and cancer causing chemicals it harms more than helps.


How You Feed Your Body

I won't suggest to you what when or how to eat, but what I will suggest is if you haven't already begun, start to look at the label on everything that goes in your mouth and on your body.  From the liquids we consume to the fast foods and the home foods we purchase.  Make it a point to know what is in your toothpaste, deodorant, makeup.  If you have never heard of it or can't pronounce it, if you don't know for sure that a particular ingredient came from a plant that wasn’t genetically modified or engineered by man, GOOGLE it.  Research it and investigate why it is being used and the benefits to your body.  If you don't like what you discover, decide what if anything you want to do about it.



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