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Simply Baby Gift Set

Simply Baby Gift Set

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Includes: 1 7.5oz Baby Lotion, 1 7.5oz Body Shampoo, 1 7.5oz Massage oil, 1 Talc-Free powder and 1 Baby Bar Soap

Because what goes on your baby goes in your baby, our Simply Baby head to toe lotion was formulated with extra care, it is a wonderful infusion of aloe vera and babassu butter, blended with other natural vegetable based ingredients are baby safe  to moisturize and protect your baby's sensitive, delicate skin.  Aloe vera also helps helps soothes dry skin, eczema.

Fragrance Description:  A comforting blend of lavender.
Scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses. Smelling a fragrance can trigger a treasured memory and provoke enjoyable thoughts. 


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