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Herbal Tea

Our body holds so much information, and the reproductive organs even more so. As we begin to cleanse out physically, we also cleanse out emotionally.  

The  medicinal steam mimics arousal, thus engorging the labia (external vaginal lips) which allow the plant medicine to flow through the vaginal canal, and possibly into the cervix and uterus. The medicinal steam opens the pores of the reproductive area, and clears out toxins, excess membranes and anything stagnant that may cause dis-ease. This ancient practice is known to work at physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Immediate postpartum can be one of the most intimidating and challenging times for a mama and even more so for a mama with limited care and support. In addition to the physical healing that medicinal steam provides a new mama also benefits from spiritual and emotional healing that brings her care and attention to her womb that has just brought new life into the world. It’s a beautiful way to practice self care and reminding us to be grateful of the life we have/will bring forth, and show gratitude for how beautifully our body is supporting us.

Due to it’s magical healing and cleansing properties, yoni steaming has been a standard postpartum practice for women around the world. A postpartum yoni Steam protocol is highly recommended from Womb health educators, midwives and holistic birth practitioners for recovery and healing.

Proprietary blend of herbs are used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus, reducing symptoms after delivery. Supports healing through healthy blood circulation, to remove stagnant or unwanted tissue, energy, etc. Specific herbs used are known to help tighten and tone the uterus. Great when used with our Lactation herbal drinking tea.

Step 1 - Womb Blessings, giving thanksgiving for how wonderfully our body has supported our journey thus far

Step 2 - Begin drinking lactation tea throughout breastfeeding to give continued support to the new mom

Step 3 - Once your initial post partum flow has stopped, begin monthly steams to help cleanse, heal and soothe the womb space, strengthen, detoxify and tighten. Once your cycle begins, switch to one of our other blends to continue your monthly preventative self care.


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