Feminine Wellness & Sensual Activation Coaching/Consultation

Naturally For You Bath and Body

$ 75.00


Do you:

  1. suffer with, fibroids, endometriosis,pcos, Low sexual drive, hormone issues
  2. experience lack of juiciness during sex
  3. want  to live a sexually empowered life and attract meaningful partners and relationships you heart desires?
  4. feel stuck or frustrated with traditional options for feminine care
  5. feel sexually frustrated, disconnected or dissatisfied
  6. lack the tools and knowledge to do your self care 
  7. want to live a sexually empowered life orgasmic and abundant life
  8. Want to experience the healing through yoni eggs

Then Sensual Activation through Self Care Coaching is exactly what you need!

Feminine empowerment coaching from someone who has been where you are.

  •  take back your Life by learning the Practice of Self Care
  •  feel Sensual, Sexy and Confident  .
  •  be Healthy, Orgasmic and Juicier in every aspect of your life
  •  learn to relate to men that will add value to you.
  •  be able to ask for and receive what you want.
  •  become very skillful at pleasuring your partner, and really enjoy doing so .
  •  be healthier, happier, juicier and totally luscious! 

Choose From: 

General Consultation 1hr

Yoni Egg Consultation 45min

Yoni Steam for Self Care Consultation/Training 3 hr

Yoni Steam for Self Care Consultation/Training 1.5 hr w/herbs

Sensual Activation Coaching 6-1hr Sessions      


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Our biggest complement is the response from our customers that have used our products. Below are a few testaments of the quality and professionalism that our customers expect and receive when choosing our products. Please contact us for a chance to receive a free gift for allowing us to post your feedback. Thank you in advance for your time!!!

Text Messages from a long time client!!!

December 2019

"Hey Queen, thank you for checking on me.  I had a wonderful day, and I'm so grateful for our time this morning.  The pleasure was all ours, and likewise... your energy was incredible.  Thank you for standing in the gap and supporting me on this journey ❤️"

January 2020

"Good evening Queen, I feel good.  I've been really relaxed and still feeling grounded since the session.  Thank you so much for holding 

space for me.

February 2020

"Greetings Queen!  ❤️ Thank you, Love for holding space for me.  I'm looking forward to the rest of my journey."

Amber W


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