June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

All Things Soapy June 2020 Newsletter

What’s On Your Face?

What are some of the unknown ingredients in your daily 
facial products? You might be surprised.

Our skin is the largest organ we feed every day.  It is 10X larger than our stomach.  Have you ever considered that when choose your skin care products? Most of us never make this connection. But have no fear, Goddess Queen Sharalene is here! 

Commercial skin care products are causing everything from dull skin tone and a sallow complexion to clogged pores and breakouts, dead skin cell buildup is a common skin-care concern

The skin naturally renews itself every 30 days or so. This process happens when the outer layer of the skin, or epidermis, sheds dead cells and replaces them with new ones. Don’t worry, It’s a normal and necessary process. 

Dead skin cells shed through normal daily activities, such as pulling clothes on and off. A person is unaware when old skin cells fall off throughout the day.

As these older, dead skin cells are shed each day, they reveal newer, more radiant-looking skin underneath. Listed below are just a few factors that can cause those dead skin cells to build up on the skin’s surface instead of being shed away.

  1. Age
  2. Lack of proper cleaning 
  3. Not exfoliating 
  4. Sun exposure 
  5. Other skin conditions 

Also it’s important to mention, you should avoid buying products that manufacturers have designed for use on other areas of the body, as they may be too harsh for the delicate skin on the face. Choose a product that is specifically for use on the face.

Those of you who know me, know I was raised by my Grandmother. I learned all my selfcare lessons at that time from her. You could not tell me she wasn’t the wisest, and the smartest woman in the world. Her favorite go to body treatment with Vaseline. Vaseline in the hair, Vaseline in the skin, Vaseline on the gums; wherever you need to have moisture she swore by Vaseline. 

Petroleum by definition: A liquid mixture of hydrocarbons that is present in certain rock strata and can be extracted and refined to produce fuels including gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes which helps seal your skin with a water protective barrier.

This sounds good, if you are doing something and need to seal your skin from something right? But if nothing can get in, then nothing can get out, so that means your pores can’t breathe, no air flow

Actually, you should watch out for: petroleum-based ingredients – petroleum jelly, petrolatum, mineral oil & paraffin. Catch our newsletter next month to find out more about the pros and cons with vaseline 

I’m sure a lot of you can attest to the use of vaseline brand products if you were a “60 baby like I am, Right? So I was raised to slather Vaseline all over my skin, and you couldn’t tell me that wasn’t the best thing for me. It was cheap, readily available, and for all practical purposes work just fine. How many of you have that same philosophy about petroleum jelly? To this day it’s still a pretty common ingredient in many bath and body and hair care products.

NFY facial Products are all natural vegan and free of the toxins, junk and fillers you find in commercial brands. 

So, are you ready to begin your “Clean” skin routine and put your best face forward?

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Peace n Blessings,

Goddess Queen Sharalene, (GQS)

Reiki Master Teacher & Master Creator

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